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Camelot International

Camelot International was established in 1986, and has eight branches countrywide. World Class Education and Facilities provide the prospective Student with maximum opportunity to gain knowledge to reach their full potential in Health and Wellness.

Camelot International Provides:

  •  An Exclusive student kit as required for Studies
  •  Camelot Study Payment Option Plan
  •  Certificate, Diploma and Part Time courses available in Health and Skincare
  •  Placement Opportunities for Graduates within our Hotel and Spa Treatment Group

"We believe in a Holistic education where ethics, Skills, business and Leadership abilities are developed."





Thalgo Product Division

Choice of products and treatments play a major role in defining an enterprise's success and this success depends largely on the choice of products and suppliers. There are a number of suppliers of Spa products, but Camelot has carefully chosen Thalgo as a preferred product and business partner, as well as a number of additional suppliers to suit the needs of each specific Spa project.

Thalgo Overview:

Thalgo develops French Marine based Spa specialised products, and provides a comprehensive product range to suit the needs of a health spa. Thalgo maintains the philosophy of treating the body holistically, providing internal and external treatment products. This is part of Thalgo's competitive advantage.

The Ingredients:

The riches of the marine universe: oligo-elements, proteins, amino acids and vitamins are captured within Thalgo's philosophy. Vital for health and well-being, we can benefit from the goodness of marine-based treatments and products. Experts in marine beauty for over 40 years, Thalgo has drawn on the riches of the ocean to find the essential elements for authentic and effective cosmetology. Thalgo makes the most of the extraordinary potential of the sea to develop its professional treatments, beauty products and dietary supplements for the beauty and well-being of its clients.

The sea supports life on earth and constitutes an immense reservoir of substances that are only just beginning to be exploited scientifically. It contains over 500,000 aquatic species and 25,000 algae, of which less than 30 species are used today. Today, throughout the world, the finest destination spas and beauty salons offer Thalgo treatments and spa therapies. 

Immerse yourself in the world of Marine Therapy.

Click to visit Thalgo's website



  C Spa

CSpa Aroma & Hair Wellness

It has been known since ancient times that scent stimulates memory, imagination, dreams and well-being. Now, embracing the soul of essential oils, a new generation aroma wellness range, CSpa, presents a sensorial journey towards balance and beauty.

Based on purist aromatherapy principles in which essential oils are lipo-soluble, meaning they penetrate fast and deep into the skin, “aroma serums” form the DNA of the extensive CSpa range, promising profound results.

South African-made, free of parabens and malevolent minerals, CSpa presents an unprecedented range of well-planned home care products for all skin types and body wellness requirements, supported by precise professional spa & salon treatments.

Containing blended essential oil components to ensure a sophisticated feel and smell, the CSpa Aroma Wellness range fuses ancient aromatherapy philosophies with simplistic and modern applications making the range a high performance scent experience.

Both compelling and comprehensive, CSpa comprises a range for Face (Anti-Ageing, Hydrating, Cleansing and Re-balancing), Body (cleansing, moisturizing and soaks) and Infusion Teas (flowers and loose teas) which will immerse you into an olfactory world of well-being.


"The spirit of aromatherapy within"

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