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SlimmingConstantly on the hunt for the ideal figure, you are often prepared to make any sacrifice to reach your slimming target… Low calorie, high protein, food separation… a host of diets that are difficult to stick to and are associated with hunger, frustration and very often depression!

Many factors (dietary excess, stress, the change of season, hormonal upheavals, etc.) have an influence on a gain in weight or size and attempting to react to them with drastic diets is obviously not the answer. 


How many of us have the same experience every year? With the end result being a drop in vitamins, minerals, muscle and very often morale, leading us to put on the kilos again within a few weeks, often far above our initial weight…

It is essential to take a global approach to dealing with excess weight, acting on the consequences but also on the causes.  By changing your dietary habits, taking regular physical exercise and surrounding yourself with Thalgo slimming allies, we are offering you a gradual, stress-free way to get back on track to fitness and the right weight!

Before launching yourself headlong into a diet and setting yourself excessive targets, you should be aware that there is no such thing as the ideal weight: instead, we talk of the “standard weight range” that corresponds to a “healthy weight”.  In order to find out if you really need to lose weight or simply to re-sculpt your figure, all you need to do is to calculate your Body Mass Index using a formula based on weight and height:


The Body Mass


BMI = weight (kg)

height (m) x height (m)

 Example :

 BMI =    60

       1.60 x 1.60

= 23.4



Less than 19 You are too thin. You need to try to put on weight!

Between 19 and 25 From a medical point of view, you are “normal”. But this perhaps doesn’t prevent you from thinking that certain parts of your body are “unsightly”.

Between 25 and 30 You are overweight: there is no need to panic, but it would be preferable to lose a few kilos

Between 30 and 35 The obesity indicators are on. It is no longer possible to ignore: you must lose weight… Your health is threatened and you must consult a health care professional.

Between 35 and 40  You are suffering from severe obesity and from 40 onwards, we speak of morbid obesity (serious risks). Serious medical treatment is a must.


But beware! Don’t forget that muscle weighs more than fat. As a result, your BMI may be over 25 without you being overweight: take into account the distribution of your fat mass and your lean mass!




“The body can be compared to a field to be cultivated. To encourage the crops to grow properly, you need to prepare the ground: go back to the start and define the fertiliser to be used.” 

Before embarking on a slimming treatment course, prepare your body by unblocking the eliminatory organs (gall bladder, liver, kidneys, intestines, skin), which are saturated with accumulated waste, the remnants of past indulgence. 


Your Thalgo solution:

OCEA DRAINE helps you to detoxify and purify your body deep down by encouraging drainage and the elimination of toxins.  For best results, don’t forget to drink plenty of liquids (at least 1.5L per day) throughout the day! 

How often should you do this seasonal cleansing? At least once a year. In the spring or at each change of season for 10 to 20 days.


Hints and tips

The day after a party…Help your liver and your gall bladder to eliminate waste!

OCEA DRAINE contains black radish and artichoke, which are well known for their detoxifying effects in dealing with excess consumption…


Look out for our next blog entry, where we LAUNCH THE OFFENSIVE on those excess kilos!

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