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Radiate in the blissfulness of the relaxation that only time spent in the spa can give you.  We believe wellness is the condition of being healthy and having a sound body, mind and soul.

We have chosen our therapies based on our knowledge of the pressures and demands placed on the body by the strain of urban living and offer impeccable quality at an international standard.

Camelot Spa is Africa’s largest nationwide spa group,offering specialiized skin treatments, body therapy, massage therapy, beauty treatments, spa celebrations and unique wellness assessments.

Our branches are located in luxury properties within South Africa, Swaziland, Botswana and Nigeria.




Mission StatementCamelot strives to satisfy and delight the needs of all guests through the creation of a unique and sought after spa experience. Guests should leave breathless by the total ambience of the facility.




• We strive to empower our people to their full potential

• We trust and respect one another and engage in open and honest communication

• We are driven to serve our clients and exceed their requirements

• We believe in developing people (clients and staff) for a better future

• We believe in ethical business practices and creating equal opportunities for all people

• We are passionate about our clients and our business

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