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Plans for a spa consultancy project
A Camelot Spa waiting area

Are you looking to develop your own spa brand or strengthen your existing brand?


We can help you!

Spa consultancy is offered using our in-depth knowledge in operating and designing spas within a variety of markets and locations. Our comprehensive consultancy service provides a service from conception to completion. 

A variety of consultancy options can be designed according to your specific business needs. 






This phase entails a comprehensive study to ascertain the viability of the project. It also provides the technical requirements vital to planning a spa.

  • Location Viability - including competitor analysis; spa industry stats and trends; and area demographics when available.

  • Type of Spa - suggested definition for market segmentation.

  • Spa Concept Development - niche spa type, layout, ambience, explanation of facilities and treatment rooms for marketing and practical purposes.

  • Linear Floor Plan and Layout suggestions and guidelines for the design team.

  • Technical Spa Specifications relating to spa equipment

  • Facility Recommendations and Quotes.

  • Equipment Recommendations and Quotes.

  • Staff Complement Recommendation. 

  • Projected Profit and Loss statements - over a three-year period, operating profit, realistic, pessimistic and optimistic projections are provided.


Planning & Implementation Phase

Phase two provides structure to the spa development plan. It combines the concept and research from phase one to conceptualize the spa set-up process.

  • Local Market Price Analysis

  • Competitor Treatment Analysis

  • Compilation of treatment menu including design & copy

  • Treatment costing & profit margin

  • Package recommendation

  • Treatment Standards and Procedures Manual

  • Public relations and marketing guidance

  • Brand Development

  • Signature Product Development (available on request)

Operations & Marketing

Phase three provides an operational structure and forms the service delivery basics of the business ensuring that each and every client is satisfied.


  • Operations Manuals and Operating Procedures

  • Uniform sourcing suitable for spa concept

  • Procurement of equipment & products

  • Assist with Initial recruitment & selection of key staff for the initial spa team.

  • Guidelines on staff contracts, salary structures, job descriptions and rosters

  • Remuneration and commission structures

  • Staff Incentives & rewards suggestions

  • Training of initial spa team on all Standards & Procedures

  • Training of spa treatment menu

  • Recommendation of Spa Software

  • Spa Induction Training

  • Spa launch assistance 

  • Set up and layout of the Spa

  • Dry Run with Staff


Full payment will be required at the onset of each phase or we are able to offer assistance according to your specific needs and budget. Detailed fee breakdown will be available on request. 

An initial deposit is required to recruit the Camelot Spa Group, this deposit is refundable should the project not go ahead. An hourly rate for work completed will be charged.


Additional Charges


Recruitment fees and/or Training Costs


Consultancy fees exclude travel/accommodation of the spa consultant. These will be charged relevant to each project. 


For further information on how to develop your own spa brand or to strengthen your existing brand, please contact Carmenita Pedro on (South Africa) or Debbie Merdjan (South Africa & Europe) or alternatively complete the enquiry form below.

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Thank you!

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