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Camelot defines the ultimate spa experience as “The creation of a haven to rest, relax and revitalise”. Our aim at Camelot Spas nationwide is to create a holistic wellness experience.

We will generate such a sense of well-being and lasting impression through our selected health, skin and body treatments that guests will return time after time.

We have chosen our therapies based on our knowledge of the pressures and demands placed on the body by the strain of urban living and offer impeccable quality at an international level.

With our commitment to holistic health, we bring guests a new generation of therapies focused on natural plant and spa marine technology. Our treatments promote a healthy body and state of mind, honouring spirit and emotions, unwinding in the therapeutic benefits of products and treatments. We invite you to partake in the wisdom of balance, professionalism and dedication at Camelot Spa where each therapist places their heart and soul into every treatment.

Camelot Spa - Your World of Wellness



Mission StatementCamelot strives to satisfy and delight the needs of all guests through the creation of a unique and sought after spa experience. Guests should leave breathless by the total ambience of the facility.






• We strive to empower our people to their full potential

• We trust and respect one another and engage in open and honest communication

• We are driven to serve our clients and exceed their requirements

• We believe in developing people (clients and staff) for a better future

• We believe in ethical business practices and creating equal opportunities for all people

• We are passionate about our clients and our business




Camelot Spa Logo

Camelot Spas integrates marine technology and the latest spa therapies, reflecting completeness and inner beauty. Our logo represents the balance of yin and yang, the ever flowing nature of the sea, the swirls creating energy, motion and ongoing dedication that we embark on. Our choice of colour symbolizes our professional ability for open communication and respect. Capturing the heart and soul of the ocean, we bring to you a new dimension in Spa therapy.



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